"describing the bizarre, highly imaginative world of blaine halvorson is like trying to tell someone about a color they have never seen - nearly impossible." amanda fortini, new york times


Hosting not only appointment-only visits from numerous A-List celebrities, Oscar and Grammy parties and other elite private events, MadeWorn’s now legendary showroom in the heart of Fairfax is also an evocative glimpse inside creator Blaine Halvorson’s fertile and creative mind.

There are alchemist vials culled from ghost town pharmacies, a stuffed Rottweiler perched on ancient suede couch.

There are dusty deerskin-covered journals filled with the precise and perfect handwriting of a lonely 19th century pioneer.

There are rooms within rooms, like a to-scale ramshackle cowboy cabin, built of battered wood salvaged from somewhere nearby the Montana ranch where Halvorson was born.

There are dark corners and secret cabinets and a courtyard landscaped in sun blasted grass, as if you’ve stepped into a Wyeth painting, the one with the girl with her hands in the dirt, her back to us, beyond – the dark outline of a white house on the horizon.


the madeworn showroom is the kind of place that stands outside time, a fabulous journey into a beautiful unknown.